On Saturday at our DCR Conference- a highlight for me, and 40 or so of my best Soroptimist friends was attending a workshop on the new SI President’s Appeal- Educate to Lead. Director Yoko took us on a journey of 20 years in Nepal- where there Region and club in Minami Region has created and implemented a project to help educate girls and women in Rural Nepal. In 1995- 87% of the women were illiterate- one of the worst rates of literacy in the world! This project has progressed for 20 years and has impacted thousands of women.

Linda England, Myra Lau, Director Yoko and Governor Judi.

Linda England, Myra Lau, Director Yoko and Governor Judi.

Director Yoko- took us through fascinating stories of support and collaboration by Japanese Soroptimists. It is NOT a surprise that this project is one of the three projects chosen by International President Yvonne Simpson- as benefactors of the President’s Appeal Program for the next 2 years. The specific project that SI is funding is a computer course that will now move literate women into business women! Another of the current three projects is ALSO a SIA project- sponsored for many years by SI Truckee Meadows. The earthquake destroyed part of the school for girls that they have supported and will rebuild it. A final project is sponsored by Soroptimists from Australia and is for teacher education. YOU CAN be sure that the monies you send to the PRESIDENT’S APPEAL are respected and directed to real and immediate needs monitored by Soroptimists!

The SI President’s Appeal is supported by the whole world of Soroptimists. Together we will help women and girls achieve their dreams for themselves and their families! A little donation goes a long way! Thanks for joining your sisters around the world for this important program.

Educate to Lead- Nepal SW

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