New pencils, shoes, and notebooks,
Fresh apples, crisp and juicy,
Cozy wooly sweaters
Wait, it's almost 100Âș outside.
That's California for you!

Does anything match the feeling of heading back to school in September, with a new teacher, new books, crayons, and pencils? It's the start of a new adventure, a new chance to be the best you can be. Since school days, I've always thought that the real start of the year was September, and that's true for Soroptimists--our clubs get back to their regular meeting schedules and we start the work that will ensure a successful year ahead.

This year is no exception--over the summer, your DCR Board met to develop the content for a lively and educational Fall Meeting, an outline for Spring Conference, and to update our Strategic Plan. Our Committees and Leadership Councils met in August, and participants were bursting with great ideas on how they can help clubs be their very best.

Today, in our 95th year, we're looking to the future and making sure our transformative work for women and girls continues for another 100 years. Last year, SIA asked clubs to weigh in on our Big Goal of increased collective impact. More than 600 clubs participated, and 63% selected Invest in the dreams of women and girls through access to education as their first or second choice. Clubs felt this reflects the service we deliver today, and the service we want to do in the future. To accomplish this goal, everyone from SIA, Regions, Clubs and members will have to work together to focus on our membership experience, increase our participation in our life-changing Dream Programs, improve our public awareness, and increase outside funding.

In the coming days, SIA will ask your club to consider not only what we'll need to do to accomplish our Big Goal, but also what we'll need to stop doing in order to give us the time and treasure to focus on reaching women and girls in need, to help them live their dreams through programs leading to social and economic empowerment. Please take the time to consider these questions, and be sure that you and your club participate in this exercise by responding to SIA by the December 31st deadline.

I look forward to seeing you all in the coming months and wish you much success as we start our club year!


Governor Susan


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